Hello Kitty Graduation Lei

Graduation is coming up and I made a Hello Kitty Lei for a special student last year. Here are a few images to inspire you to make your own lei and personalize it to make it unique. There are many videos on youtube to help you make a lei. I watched the ehow channel. I learned that dental floss is the best string to use! It was sturdy... and minty fresh :)

I found a graduation picture of Hello Kitty. I printed that out and mounted it on a cardstock that was folded accordion style around the image. I also made loopy bows with different ribbons, wanted to mix polka dots and stripes. I also did a kind of ombre style, transitioning the flower colors from greenish to white then to blush of pink.

Here are some images for reference. Try making your own lei, it was a fun project. Makes a great gift for that hardworking student!


L is for Luke... and Love

I absolutely love working with acid-free printed paper. Not only is it affordable (thanks to coupons) but it also serves double purpose as party decor and then it can be saved into scrapbook albums. If you don't need to keep it all, it can also end up in the recycle bin.

For this baby shower, all I simply did was cut and paste! Setting it up will be a cinch, since materials are light. The paper onesies could be hung with string and clothespins and the pinwheels just propped into jars or stuck straight up with some play dough as base.

It's always nice to personalize an event with a monogram. I wanted to soften the look with a cursive letter. L is for Luke, and boy-oh-boy are we excited to meet you!


Young Love

On this January wedding, the bleary doldrums took a respite as we celebrated the marriage of Rachel and Talin. Cheery hues of coral, red and gold reflected the traditional style of the bride's culture while keeping it fun and modern. Rachel requested for deep, dark roses so I used velvety Black Magic Rose which turned out to be Talin's favorite as well (I found out days after the wedding!).

The young couple were blissfully happy as they celebrated with friends and family. The bride glowed beautifully and the groom was ever-so-sweet as he would lovingly kiss his bride throughout the festivities. Here are some images from the event...

To the sweetest couple, cheers to young love!

“When you find it difficult to understand human nature, you need to learn about the young love.”


A Nutcracker Themed 1st Christmas

For my daughter's first Christmas I decorated my home with the characters from E.T.A. Hoffmann's "The Nutcraker". I love the whimsical feel of my home, and my husband loves the decor as well. As you can imagine, my Pandora playlist is on Tsaikovsky's channel. I've got sugar plum fairies dancing around, Drosselmeyer smiling warmly at the Nutcracker Prince and Clara taking care of her new toy as the Rat King sternly looks over the gifts. Enjoy the pictures and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!