Veggies in my Vase

I LOVE the Food Network and I feel like I'm the Chairman in Iron Chef announcing, "And the Secret Ingredient is... KaAaLe!!!" (with that crazy voice and face that he makes)! And then I'll grab my ingredients from above and whip up something to present to the judges in the end.

So what we have here is Kale with Queen Anne's Lace, Spider Mums, Alstromeria, Hydrangeas, Solidago and lovely, lovely Trachelium which I feel is equivalent to truffle for this dish.

I think that this will complement ANY event, from weddings, dinner parties, home decor or corporate meeting. I just love the texture and color!

And these pretty little things were delivered to a very special place in my heart, the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay. (A little background, my then boyfriend and I went there to inquire about weddings when we were still not engaged and we spent our lovely honeymoon there) This was for a corporate meeting held in the Miramontes Room. Spent a nice afternoon there, and the hydrangeas outdoors are bursting with flowers at this time of the year! Here are some photos:

So kids, if Mom says "Eat your veggies" you can say, "Let's make it pretty too!"


  1. Love this arrangement! I never thought vegetables and flowers could look so clean, fresh, crisp and CHIC! :)

  2. Less is more...simple and effective and as you put it, chic! Luv it!