Hello Kitty Graduation Lei

Graduation is coming up and I made a Hello Kitty Lei for a special student last year. Here are a few images to inspire you to make your own lei and personalize it to make it unique. There are many videos on youtube to help you make a lei. I watched the ehow channel. I learned that dental floss is the best string to use! It was sturdy... and minty fresh :)

I found a graduation picture of Hello Kitty. I printed that out and mounted it on a cardstock that was folded accordion style around the image. I also made loopy bows with different ribbons, wanted to mix polka dots and stripes. I also did a kind of ombre style, transitioning the flower colors from greenish to white then to blush of pink.

Here are some images for reference. Try making your own lei, it was a fun project. Makes a great gift for that hardworking student!

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