Country French Baby Shower

My sister and aunts wanted to throw me a baby shower and they asked me what theme I wanted. I told them I would looove to have a Country French theme with a French menu as well. I told them I wanted the colors to be sage green and lavender, with lots of fresh herbs and I wanted to re-purpose my husband's wine boxes. Oh, and make a croquembouche as well! At this point I don't know if (A) they wanted to kill me or (B) they were very happy that I was very specific. HEEHEE! The party was fabulous and I am thankful that my family helped create what I envisioned. Special thanks to my sister Kat, who threw me quite a few baby showers for me after this party with different sets of friends!

Kat made lavender rice pillows as prizes for the games.

My husband loved the wine box planters. They are still thriving on my balcony!

Kat worked with sticky caramel to build the croquembouche.

My aunt set-up a kiddie area outdoors. It was a hit with the little ones!

On our menu the guests had fun making their own crepes at a crepe station, we had sweet and savory options. There was Orange Fennel Salad, Roasted Figs with Goat Cheese & Honey, various Petit Fours, Eclairs, and Madeleine cookies. I was busy enjoying the party so I didn't take good pictures of the food! I love my family, they all worked so hard and I am so thankful for this pretty, pretty party!

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