Lavender Wreath

Oh, the benefits of Lavender! Its aroma is a natural sedative, it calms the mind and promotes a restful sleep. It can help alleviate headaches and is a natural pick-me-up against depression and anxiety.

A lavender wreath could be a beautiful housewarming gift, a beneficial decoration over your bed headboard or even a unique present for hospital patients. Here is a DIY that I promised a few months back that I hope you will enjoy.

The items needed are the following: one bunch of lavender flowers with the stems and leaves (I cut about 8-10 stems of French Lavender from the garden, 6-8 inches long), thin florist's wire (green would be the best shade), green floral tape and scissors.

We begin by taking the wire and wrapping the leaves to the stem, overlapping one stem to the next one. When I usually end a wire I bend the edges and wrap it with green floral tape to avoid scrapes. You can also just tuck the end of the wire into the leaves.

Once it is long enough you can form it into a circle. You can make the wreath as thick/ thin as you would like and the diameter can be adjusted to your liking. Wrap more wires to make the framework sturdy. Set the wreath framework aside and begin cutting your lavender blossoms, leave about an inch of stem at the bottom.

Working counter clockwise, gather some flowers (3-5 pcs.) and wrap it with more wire against the framework. Work your way around the wreath. It's OK to go over some flowers with the wire. Remember to always tuck in the edges of wire ends. Finally, make sure that the last flower bunch is tucked underneath your first set of flowers, so that the ends won't be visible.

This wreath is quite sturdy, considering that it was just looped wires! You can create a variation of three sizes for decorative purposes or even make a thicker one for your home's front door. I personally love it with a cream satin bow, very dainty! Enjoy your new project and savor its beneficial treat.


  1. That's really good. I'm so heavy handed all the lavender would probably fall off by the time I'm done.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting!
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  2. That's so sweet and beautiful. I bet it smells amazing. It really makes me want to start a garden so I can bring more of the outdoors in.

  3. This is so pretty! I love the smell of lavender.

  4. Multi functional- looks neat and smells good. cool