OK now, the Surprise

My aunts made me in charge of my grandma's flower centerpieces for her surprise birthday party (80th! WOW!). One aunt wanted happy colors, while the other wanted an all-white classic arrangement and they had some flowers ready for me to work on- calla lilies, white roses... I wanted to use the lavender blooms from the garden too (coz it's free!). Oh, and I had to match it with yellow napkins. So the day before the party I was pretty confused with the stuff that I had.

My grandma's birthday bouquet were saturated colors and I didn't want to work with those shades and do a repeat version. So finally after shopping for the flowers I decided that I will use a nice soft shade of coral, yellow, purple, green and white. The end result, well see for yourself :)

That's my Mamacita's portrait, sketched by my sister Kat.

I used French Lavender, viburnum, carnations and imported cream roses. The wreath was a DIY fun project! I'll post about it next!

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  1. love all the flowers! :)