A Cautionary Tale...

One of my brides switched vendors (photographer) at the very last minute because she felt that the first vendor wasn't a good fit for her. She got a great deal for the last minute booking, unfortunately...
The photographer's shop was broken into and the criminals took most of her equipment, including the camera that had their wedding day photos!!! SO SAD!
With the help of friends and family, they gathered their personal photos and the photographer promised them another photo shoot. They had it the spring after the wedding (she was a fall bride) and the pictures looked great! Lots of sunshine and less wedding stress made the pictures turn out even better. The thing about weddings, you just have to take it all in, both good and bad... there are things that are beyond our control. However it turns out, just laugh out loud and party the night away...


  1. "just laugh out loud and party the night away..."- Exactly what you did and it was so much FUNN!! hhaha

  2. Hahahahahahaha yesss... i know. no bad vibes.