Fleuri Flor Fiore <3

I adore fresh flowers... I love receiving it, I enjoy growing it and just love arranging gorgeous blooms for friends and family.

I got civilly married in San Francisco last year with my one and only high school sweetheart (yes! 9 years!) and arranged my own wedding nosegay. This was my first DIY bouquet so it was extra extra special.

I wanted that "handpicked" look instead of a perfect sphere shape. I used 2 shades of lilac roses, white and lilac colored spider mums and green hypericum berries and button mums to make it more modern. My sister and I went to an antique shop and purchased a locket to attach pictures of my family members who cannot make it on my civil wedding day.

This bouquet made me realize how much I love floral arrangement, so I began joining floral classes!


  1. So beautiful, I love the colors.

  2. you look so pretty!
    i know what you mean by handpicked! for my convocation my sister got so frustrated with the florist that she ended up choosing the flowers herself and rearranging them. it was the best bouquet i ever received.

  3. Pat! Nice to see you on the blogosphere :) Yup, funny thing that you saw my blog on the google search hehehe. It's fab that you are planning your own romantic wedding in Napa! I wish I could attend but I just moved to Palawan so I'm saving the moolah for other things :) Hopefully, I see you in Crissa's bachelorette here in Palawan or on her wedding in Jan 2011!!!

  4. Wow, and so it all began 1 year ago? Amazing!