Som's Wife

My husband Raphael and I really enjoy exploring around the different California wine countries, what started as a weekend of sightseeing and tasting turned into a sort of tour guided getaway for our different sets of friends almost every weekend! Eventually we joined wine memberships and have great fun at different parties hosted by the wineries.

Summers Estate Harvest Party 2008, we bottled our own blend of reds AND stomped grapes! I won second place :)

My husband started to get serious with his wine appreciation and we decided that he should train to become a Certified Sommelier. He took his 3-month training at Professional Culinary Institute in Campbell and -VOILA! - he passed his tests and is now a Certified Sommelier! A month after he also passed his CSW Wine Certification Exam.

I cannot believe how much he has learned in just half a year! I guess he is also truly blessed with that talent, I just try to catch up by reading his index card reviewers and just basically be honest with what I get with the fruit, minerality or nose.

I'll post pictures of our wine trips and events. Don't ask me for wine comments, let's leave that to Gary Vaynerchuk. Trust me, I'm no wine geek but I sure am lucky to be married to one!

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