Wedding Prep

Lots of handmade items for my wedding! I designed our monogram and had it printed out in Manila (Thank you, The Write Impression!). I wanted it to look like it came from a family crest. Used some mad crazy skills on MSPaint (heehee) and then my sister improved the quality on Photoshop. The wedding monogram is PSR- Patricia Santos Raphael.

I recycled tin cans from my work. Used burlap to cover the can and brown organza ribbon for accent as well. Turned out pretty darn cool and saved lots of money. You can see the tins cans next to me in the picture above.

I also made some tags for our wine bottle giveaways. At the last minute I made bags too. Reception is at a winery so I picked these colors to kind of match the location. I did not want the motif to look too girly frou frou, after all it's the groom's wedding too! ;)

Please cite my website if you will re-post the pictures! Thank you!


  1. Love the combination of burlap and elegant ribbon! Your wedding is going to gorgeous!

  2. DIY for your wedding? Only such crafty people can pull that off and looks like you're doing well!;p I'm sure its gunna turn out lovely over all dear!