Two Special Orders, Coming Up!

I love these two sisters, they always rock my headpieces! For this order they came up with some pretty broad guidelines for each piece and left it up to me to interpret what they wanted. It's so nice to see their thrilled expressions upon receiving it. That made me really happy :)


  1. Thanks again, Pat! It was a nice surprise - I knew I could leave you to it and you'd figure out something perfect for me. It's so comfortable too!!! =)

  2. I didn't see this little box earlier!

    Thank you Pat! I wore it all the way home to LA, even at the airport, during my flight, and when Cam picked me up. I love it! :)

  3. happy to see new stuff, pat. =) for these accessories, perhaps you can look into selling at etsy? i think you'll do great. cheers!