Coogan and Wine Bottles

More friends gets hitched! Congratulations to the Applegates!

The bride had a pink rose bouquet with Artemisia 'Silver Brocade' foliage. The hand bouquet was tied with a champagne shimmer ribbon. We named the bouquet Coogan, it sort of just happened thanks to a saved image. The groom had a matching boutonniere as well. They were married in the San Francisco City Hall (gorgeous!).

I've been entertaining myself with the joy of glass cutting. Since we got a bajillion wine bottles lying around my husband and I have been cracking it like crazy. The bride wanted to keep the flowers fresh so she kept her bouquet in the DIY vase pictured above. I'm glad to recycle all our bottles! We don't necessarily drink all of it... my husband is a sommelier that's why we got quite a haul!

I'm in love with West Elm's recycled Spanish glass vases. I'll come up with my own bottle decoration for my table setting one of these days...


  1. wow, that silver brocade foliage is gorgeous! love your blog!

  2. Gosh, they're so pro! It is an honor to be visited by you Anne. Thanks so much for dropping by. Filipino mix ka ba? hehehe. I super love your arrangement in the first pic. At first, I thought the silver colored foliage is a dusty miller. I tried planting those this year and my MIL told me, oh they're annuals so I have to keep planting them every year. But then there's this critter, no matter how I tried protecting it in a cage, kept on reaching on its foliage and ate it all till the roots are what's left. Grrr, Gigil na gigil talaga ako coz I like it's wooly texture and silver color like it's a frosted leaf. I searched your Silver brocade and it's a perennial pala nu? I'd like to have those in my front yard next year.

  3. Yes, I also called it dusty miller, but one time I got a different set of foliage so I got confused! Perhaps I got a replaced order. Ah, I suppose that's THAT. ;)