Wilton 1st Course: Cake Decorating

Here is a sample of our exercises for the cake decorating class. I used the buttercream icing, medium consistency. On the first week my kitchen was a mess! There's a big improvement in that department, it's really hard to deal with a messy workplace so everything MUST be mis en place. I think that steady and relaxed hands are important, it seems like the more hard I am on myself then the results are just not ideal.

Oh well, one can just lick off the mistake!

I'm really happy with the shells, this was my 1st attempt ever.

What's your favorite cake?


  1. Consistency is the key I imagine. You look like you are doing great!
    I wouldn't have a lcue what my fave cake is though I did make my mum a layered madiera cake last year that was very nice :)

  2. They look wonderful! I've been thinking about doing a cake decorating course, I just love baking. We've been watching Cake Boss on TV recently too and it's very inspiring! Rachaelxx

  3. Hi Anna,

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

    Lovely piping! The shells and blossoms looks great. I can see you have steady hands.

    Cheers! : )