What a Blast!!!

A very special *THANK YOU!* to everyone who visited and supported the Renegade Craft Fair 2010!!! It was so wonderful to meet vendors and customers... the vibe was all love! It was thrilling to have lots of people ooohing and ahhhing... even the gents would call on their ladies to point out our booth! Now isn't that sweet? Here are some pictures of people wearing our items!

Isn't she darling?! To order more headbands you may contact kspiri2@yahoo.com

Looking forward to next year's event! Here are some image links to other vendors. Thank you again for your support!


  1. oh anna,

    oh how i wish i was there
    invite me to the next one <3

  2. I love that big hair pieces like that are becoming so in style. These look fantastic!

  3. Do you have an etsy store or anyplace where we could by some of your products?

  4. Hi Julia! Very soon! I will blog about it when it is up and ready :)